span style=”font-size: small;”>The favored application from iPad/iPhone, is now on release also for the Android Tablets and Smartphones!!
The Android ”COSPLAY SHOWCASE” has two versions.
One is a FULL version, and the other is a LITE version which is downloaded for FREE.

Released: May 13th 2012 / Device: Tablet and Phone (Android 3.X and 4.X) / Language: English and Japanese / Price: (LITE) Free / (FULL) $2.99
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cosplayshowcase230 COSPLAY SHOWCASE  iPad/iPhone Application

Distributing the cosplay culture of Japan to the world!!!
“Cosplay showcase” is an interactive photo book application which enables the audience to view real-life cosplay artists in a showcase that fully rotates horizontally.(Cosplay=People who are dressed as manga, animation and game characters.)

Released: Aug 6th 2011 / Device: iPhone and iPod touch and iPad / Language: English and Japanese / Price: $2.99
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iTunes  End of sale
Making Movie

book_s COSPLAY SHOWCASE  PhotoBook

The paper edition is released!
The book contains 70 characters which are carefully selected from the application, collaboration photographs with famous CG artists, making of the ”COSPLAY SHOWCASE”, and some interviews.

Released: Jan 26, 2012 / Size: 297x230mm / 120pages / Price: JPN-1,575yen / ISBN978-4-7683-0356-6
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Making Movie

Exhibition @ pixiv Zingaro
2012.2.16(thu) – 2.27(mon)  Lean more – pixiv Zingaro

Exhibition @ +SANOW LABs.
2012.5.17(thu) – 6.13(wed)  Lean more – +SANOW LABs

Exhibition @ Japan Expo in Sydney 2012
2012.12.15(sat)  Lean more – Japan Expo in Sydney

Exhibition @ littleMOCA in Taiwan
2013.7.7(tue) – 8.11(sun)  Lean more – littleMOCA

 nude NUDE SHOWCASE  web sample

This series derived from “COSPLAY SHOWCASE”, which is a popular item on sale as iOS/Android applications and collection of photographs. Resembling human being as a figure, it is taken from 360°/8 directions. Not perceived as an “erotic figure” but as an “Art Figure”. Nude showcase expresses NUDE x MODE.